Members listed from top left to bottom right: Frederike Oertel, Alexandra Beaudry-Richard, Trung Huynh, Makenna Chapman, Daniel Casillas, Dr. Ari Green, Christian Cordano, Ahmed Abdelhak, Shivany Condor-Montes, Nora Jabassini, Kirtana Ananth
Dr. Ahmed Abdelhak conducting experiments while adhering to UCSF and CDC guidelines.

Our Mission

The Green Lab is dedicated to the development of reparative and regenerative treatments of the central nervous system with a particular focus on MS and other demyelinating or neuroimmunological diseases of the central nervous system. The lab aims to achieve this goal via the discovery and biological validation of biomarkers for monitoring neurodegenerative diseases that include techniques such as electrophysiology, highly-detailed assessments of the visual system, body-fluid based biomarkers and tools for monitoring cellular and molecular processes related to the progression of these conditions in patients. Using an array of approaches (including in the wet-lab, clinical lab and in first-in-patient clinical trials) , the lab aims to develop tools capable for non-invasively tracking these disabling conditions and thereby advance breakthrough treatments capable of brain repair.    

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